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Josh Cavallo Shield

About Josh Cavallo

Josh Cavallo is a professional footballer who plays for Adelaide United FC and the Australia Under 20 national team. After a successful stint in the 2020-21 season, he signed a two year contract in the May of that season and was also awarded the ‘Adelaide United A-League rising star award’.

Josh came out as gay in October 2021 making him the only gay professional footballer playing in a top-flight league. Josh says he had felt as if he was living a double life and that it was holding him back in his career. He says that while his statement has meant the lifting of a huge burden, it has raised other issues. If he were to be considered for Australia’s national team he would be afraid to go to the World Cup next year, as it is hosted in Qatar, where homosexuality is illegal.


Josh’s brave decision to come out was positively received across the world with players and clubs such as Liverpool FC, Juventus, and Antoine Greziman rallying behind him.

Current Winners


PFA Select 

(Host: Brisbane)

Past Winners


PFA Select 

(Host: Melbourne)


PFA Select  

(Host: Brisbane)

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